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  • Air Release for Wet Sprinkler Systems (AR-1) is Now Factory Mutual (FM) Approved – UNITED Fire Systems is proud to announce that our Model AR-1 Wet Sprinkler System Air Release Device for wet sprinkler systems is now FM Approved! This device is now required by NFPA Standard 13 on all new wet fire sprinkler systems.  The device releases the air from the high point(s) of the system, but prevents water from coming out of the device.  Eliminating the air pockets reduces internal pipe corrosion and lengthens the life of the system.  An updated Data Sheet and Instruction Sheet for the AR-1 have both been released and are now available to download. Click here to learn more…
  • True Advanced Purge (TAP) – UNITED Fire Systems is proud to announce the release of our new True Advanced Purge (TAP), designed to automatically purge air from within a dry-pipe or preaction sprinkler system and replace the air with 98% nitrogen from a NITROGEN-PAC™ sprinkler corrosion inhibiting system. Click here to learn more…

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  • If you have a dry standpipe in your structure, can you tell if it’s intact and ready for fire department use? If it’s not, the risk is high.  Be sure – a UNITED Fire Systems STANDPIPE-PAC system will alert you if someone accidentally leaves a valve open or even disassembles a portion of the standpipe inadvertently.