Nitrogen-Pac SC Series

Nitrogen-Pac SC

The Nitrogen-Pac SC Series is a family of self-contained nitrogen-based sprinkler corrosion inhibiting systems, providing high-purity dry nitrogen for the interior of preaction and dry sprinkler piping. These units feature a compressor for system fast-fill and nitrogen generation, refrigerated drying of the air for the lowest possible moisture content, and membrane technology for efficient nitrogen generation. The SC Series factory-assembled units save space and shorten installation and commissioning time.

Important Notice Regarding Nitrogen-Pac SC Power Wiring Sizes…Info Sheet – UFS-605 Rev 1.00 NITROGEN-PAC SC Minimum Wire SizesUFS-605

Nitrogen-Pac SC Series Features & Benefits:
  • Fully factory assembled, adjusted, and tested
  • No field assembly required
  • Just attach AC power and run piping to sprinkler riser
  • Built-in UL Listed oilless air compressor
  • UL Listed refrigerated dryer delivers -40°F dew point air
  • Membrane-based nitrogen generation
  • Built-in particulate and coalescing filters
  • Single or multiple riser capable
  • 22 gallon nitrogen receiver
  • Digital compressor run-time monitor
  • Visual indicators of system status
  • Leveling feet
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Saves installation, assembly, and testing time
  • Smallest footprint complete nitrogen system available today
  • Quicker commissioning – just place, connect, and it’s ready
  • Nitrogen generation and sprinkler fast-fill (per NFPA 13) from just one unit
  • Our new True Advanced Purge (TAP) can be used with the Nitrogen-Pac SC! Click here to learn more…
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Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance Manual
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