True Advanced Purge (TAP)

DescriptionTrue Advanced Purge

The UNITED Fire Systems True Advanced Purge System Model TAP-G2 is designed to automatically purge air from within a dry-pipe or preaction sprinkler system and replace the air with 98% nitrogen from a Nitrogen-Pac™ sprinkler corrosion inhibiting system. The system also automatically samples, analyzes, and displays the percentage of nitrogen within the pipe.


  • Automatic initial purge sequence for removal of air from sprinkler system piping and replacement with 98% nitrogen.
  • Automatic maintenance purge sequence for the removal of residual water from inside the pipe.
  • Automatic sampling of gas from inside the pipe and permanent display of nitrogen concentration.
  • Easy to read front panel display of nitrogen concentration, purge status, time, and date.
  • Mounts separately from associated purge vent assembly and connects with plenum-rated tubing.
  • Advanced, self-calibrating gas sensing technology with long sensor life.
  • Relay output for system fault remote notification including low nitrogen concentration after automatic initial purge sequence.


  • Eliminates manual operation of ball valves to regulate purging.
  • Eliminates manual use of hand-held nitrogen analyzer to measure nitrogen concentration in the pipe.
  • Read nitrogen value at eye level – no need to climb up to purge vent locations.
  • Unit requires no periodic calibration.
  • Local and remote signaling of fault conditions.
  • Automatic purge sequencing minimizes compressor run time, lengthening compressor life and reducing energy consumption cost.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet – UFS-317A Rev 4.00 NITROGEN-PAC True Advanced Purge Model TAP-G2UFS-317A

Installation & Use Guide

True Advanced Purge (TAP) Generation 2 – Installation and Use Guide – Version 1.00 – Nov 2017TAP Installation & Use Guide PDF

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