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The purpose of this section is to make available the O&M Manuals for each different version of Preaction-Pac in the event that troubleshooting is ever needed. Each manual is in PDF format to make it easy to access and bookmark whichever one may be needed.


Preaction-Pac Engineering Tools

This section should be used to simplify choosing which Preaction-Pac will be needed for the specific job being worked on. The first document will help in determining the part number of the Preaction-Pac that will be needed, based off of the answers specified.  This will also make it easy when placing an order for a Preaction-Pac system, because the part number will already be known.  The second document is very useful to help determine which compressor size is needed given the amount of gallons in the system.

To determine how many gallons are in a system, take the amount of total pipe and multiply it by the corresponding multiplier under each pipe size on the “Estimating Compressor Size” spreadsheet.  This answer will provide the approximate number of gallons in the system. For example, if there is 300 feet of 4″ pipe, simply multiply 300 x 0.66.  This will give an answer of 198, meaning that there are approximately 198 gallons in the system and that a 1/6 HP compressor would work best.


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