Nitrogen Generator Systems

The UNITED Fire Systems NITROGEN-PAC™ is a fully integrated nitrogen generator system to introduce high-purity nitrogen into preaction or dry sprinkler piping. NITROGEN-PAC™ replaces the existing air compressor, providing the necessary supervisory pressure in the form of nitrogen instead of air. NITROGEN-PAC™ occupies minimal space, operates quietly, and can be installed near your sprinkler system riser.

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  • For dry or preaction sprinkler systems
  • Dries interior of the pipe with nitrogen
  • Generates nitrogen from atmospheric air
  • Inhibits both oxidation corrosion (rust) and MIC
  • Cost-effective continuous supply of 98% purity nitrogen
  • No inconvenient handling of high-pressure cylinders
  • Low ongoing cost
  • Available as a self-contained (SC series) system for smaller applications
  • Available as a modular engineered (M series) system for larger applications
  • Automatic purging and nitrogen concentration display for any NITROGEN-PAC™ system



  • Lengthens the life of the pipe
  • Helps prevent pipe wall thinning, pinhole leaks, and rust that clogs sprinkler heads
  • Offers reliable, dependable protection that works
  • Comes with expert field and in-house technical support

NITROGEN-PAC™ Models SC-1 and SC-2

The NITROGEN-PAC™ SC (Self-Contained) Series is a family of FM Approved nitrogen-based sprinkler corrosion inhibiting systems, providing high-purity dry nitrogen for the interior of preaction and dry sprinkler piping. These units feature a compressor for system fast-fill and nitrogen generation, refrigerated drying of the air for the lowest possible moisture content, and membrane technology for efficient nitrogen generation. The SC Series factory-assembled units save space and shorten installation and commissioning time.

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The FM Approved NITROGEN-PAC™ Model SC-W (Self-Contained Wall-Mount) is a part of the SC Series; it is a completely self-contained nitrogen-based sprinkler corrosion inhibiting system. The unit is factory assembled and tested, and is ready for connection to sprinkler system riser(s). The system contains an air compressor, filters, and a membrane device to perform nitrogen separation.

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The NITROGEN-PAC™ M (Modular) Series from UNITED Fire Systems is a unique approach to supplying nitrogen for sprinkler systems. The modular concept allows for the choice of components perfectly sized for the application. Many small to mid-sized systems need an engineered system approach for both proper application and cost-effectiveness. The NITROGEN-PAC™ M Series permits our expert designers to choose the components that fit your application—with no compromise of protection or dollars.

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The UNITED Fire Systems True Advanced Purge System Model TAP-G3 is designed to automatically purge air from within a dry-pipe or preaction sprinkler system and replace the air with 98% nitrogen from a NITROGEN-PAC™ sprinkler corrosion inhibiting system. The system also automatically samples, analyzes, and displays the percentage of nitrogen within the pipe.

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Did You Know?
  • Your dry-pipe or preaction system piping may look brand new on the outside, but what about inside? Residual water and oxygen in the pressurized air could be rusting the interior of that pipe right now. This rust can weaken the pipe, cause pinholes to form, and even clog up the sprinkler heads in the event of a fire. NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems mandates internal inspection of sprinkler pipes at least every 5 years. Are your pipes rusty? Have them internally inspected by a qualified fire protection contractor before it’s too late.