UNITED Fire Systems

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UNITED Fire Systems is a division of United Fire Protection Corporation specializing in the manufacturing of fire suppression equipment. Our current product offerings include:


NITROGEN-PAC Self-Contained (SC) Series (FM Approved)

NITROGEN-PAC Modular (M) Series


AR-1 Air Release for Wet Sprinkler Systems (FM Approved)

Our products have unique qualities and features that set them apart from comparable competitors’ products. Reputation and years of industry expertise are the driving factors that enable us to design and manufacture state-of-the-art protection equipment that cannot be found anywhere else.

Give us a call at 908.688.0300 or contact us online to learn more about our services in Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Kenilworth, and New York City!

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Did You Know?

  • If you have a dry standpipe in your structure, can you tell if it’s intact and ready for fire department use? If it’s not, the risk is high.  Be sure – a UNITED Fire Systems STANDPIPE-PAC system will alert you if someone accidentally leaves a valve open or even disassembles a portion of the standpipe inadvertently.