The United Fire Systems Standpipe-Pac is a fully assembled standpipe supervisory system, including compressor, switches, alarm, and control unit providing one complete zone of standpipe supervision in compliance with New York City’s Local Law 64 and Boston Fire Department’s TCM3-51725. All components are mounted on a sturdy wooden backboard, suitable for hanging at a construction or demolition site.


The connection from the system to the standpipe is conveniently located on the front of the unit. The 120 VAC power connection is made in a pre-mounted junction box. This one connection provides power for both the compressor and the control panel.

Standpipe-Pac Features

Includes these requirements:
• Air compressor
• Automatic compressor cut-in and cut-out
• Pressure switch operating on pressure drop
• Pressure switch operating over 25 PSIG
• Local audible alarm
• Active, dedicated power supply
• Check valve to prevent water from entering compressor
• Air dryer
• Lockable shutoff valve
• Manual air release valve (to be field installed)

Includes these additional features:
• Silenceable audible(s)
• Provision for remote audible device (supervised)
• Power backup batteries (min. 24 hours capacity)
• Local gage to monitor air pressure
• Compressor power disconnect switch

• Fully factory assembled and tested
• No field assembly required
• Just connect to 120VAC and to standpipe
• Easy-to-follow instructions on enclosure front
• Complete instructions for installation and testing

Digital communicator standard – Monitoring options available

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