Boston FD TCM3-51725 was implemented in response to serious difficulties encountered when fire standpipes at construction and demolition sites were damaged, rendering the standpipes unsuitable for fire department use. The directive requires that all fire standpipes in vacant buildings, buildings undergoing demolition, and required permanent or temporary standpipes in buildings under construction be equipped with a system to pressurize the standpipe at all times, which then would sense the pressure loss if a portion of the standpipe was damaged or completely removed. Detailed requirements for the system are specified in the directive. STANDPIPE-PAC™ has been designed to aid in compliance with the requirements in Boston FD TCM3-51725.

IMPORTANT: Boston FD TCM3-51725 requires that an application to install an air pressurized alarm system be filed by a registered design professional, and a permit obtained by a licensed sprinkler contractor. A licensed electrician shall obtain all required electrical permits. Install STANDPIPE-PAC™ after application is made and accepted, and all permits received. To review Boston FD TCM3-51725 in its entirety, please click the following link… Requirements for Air Pressurized Standpipes – TCM3-51725

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  • If you have a dry standpipe in your structure, can you tell if it’s intact and ready for fire department use? If it’s not, the risk is high.  Be sure – a UNITED Fire Systems STANDPIPE-PAC system will alert you if someone accidentally leaves a valve open or even disassembles a portion of the standpipe inadvertently.